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The Reasons for All the USA’s Annual Federal Holidays became a best selling book

During 2021 The Reasons for All the USA’s Annual Federal Holidays became a Kindle best seller and it was updated at the beginning of 2022. This book as well as all of those by authors “Alan Bruce Clark PhD” and “Christian Bruce Clark PhD” are EXCELLENT and make for OUTSTANDING gifts that one can provide to herself or himself. With […]

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Some Reasons to Consider Avoiding Eating at Jack in the Box

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As many already know MyLife is an excellent source for finding out someone’s background and buying detailed information on individuals. Please check out MyLife and consider subscribing to its excellent services This said Dr. Clark pulled his own information during July 2021 and learned that his reputation is well above average (i.e., 15% above the national average) with all categories […]

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Five Sites Now Provide an Endorsement of

The following five sites now provide an endorsement of  

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Premier Business Experts Built New Website

Premier Business Experts recently designed and built from scratch the website. This website shows how individuals can make a nice income by selling a unique, healthy and delicious dog treat, formulated from scratch by Dr. Clark (who has graduate food and feed formulation and business degrees, as well as years of experience working for major food and beverage companies) and made […]

read more’s Insights Regarding the Future of Blue Bell Ice Cream’s Insights Regarding the Future of Blue Bell Ice Cream COPYRIGHT 2015 PREMIER BUSINESS EXPERTS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Back in the 1980’s, Dr. A. Bruce Clark, Ph.D. (often referred to as “ABCPhD” due to his initials and credentials as well as his web site worked in Quality Assurance for Con Agra Frozen Foods. At the time Con Agra had […]

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Research on Musical Preferences has Everyday Implications

Recent research (e.g., such as that done by Kopacz in 2005, Vandergrift in 2013, Lind in 2014 and others) suggests that personality influences musical preferences and that musical preferences in turn impact (1) productivities, (2) convalescences, (3) retentions, and (4) entertainment choices. Each of these will be addressed in turn. Focusing on productivities, work done in recent months and years […]

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New Computer Chip that Acts Like a Brain

According to an article just published in Science, and referenced in sources like an August 8, 2014 Houston Chronicle article written by John Marhoff entitled “New computer chip designed to work like a brain but consume little power,” researchers at IBM developed a new processor called “TrueNorth.” This new processor relies on densely interconnected webs of transistors, patterned after the […]

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“For Many Americans, ‘Temp’ Work Becomes Permanent Way of Life” was an article written by Martha C. White and first published on April 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm. It appeared on the site on April 20, 2014.

In the article, Ms. White quotes Erin Hatton, an assistant professor of sociology at the State University of New York, Buffalo, and author of “The Temp Economy: From Kelly Girls to Permatemps in Postwar America” who said “There are a lot of perverse incentives for employers to use temps. For one thing, it’s cheaper. Using temporary labor lets companies avoid […]

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“Half of U.S. Business Schools Might Be Gone by 2020,” an interesting Bloomberg Businessweek article appeared on March 14, 2014.

According to the article, by Patrick Clark (not a known relative of Dr. A. Bruce Clark), Richard Lyons (the Dean of the University of California Berkeley’s Hass School of Business) feels that as more top MBA programs start to offer degrees online, it will “imperil the industry’s business model.” In his words, “For most business schools, students pursuing part-time and […]

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“The financial advice you shouldn’t take.”

MSN.Com just posted an interesting article from MensHealth entitled “The financial advice you shouldn’t take.” In it they quote, Dr. Richard Borghesi, Ph.D. who coauthored a study at the University of Southern Florida. In that study, the authors examined the performance of stocks recommended over ten years by Kiplinger’s and SmartMoney.  The Kiplinger’s and SmartMoney so-called “expert” picks performed about […]

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