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Very often those with an entrepreneurial spirit (whether they be successful business owners or work for a company) have an idea for a new business. However, because the envisioned venture has significant costs and/or risks, they desire outside investors to share in the funding and risks for the business. Thus, to attract investors (whether they be angel investors, bankers or others) there needs to be an accurate assessment of the expected returns and the anticipated risks. With this being the case, such entrepreneurs (whether they are looking at projects costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or upwards of $325 million, as has been the case for energy-industry) often hire the professionals at Premier Business Experts.

With such projects (especially those involving the purchase or leasing of real estate and construction or remodeling efforts) the costs are generally much easier to predict than the revenues. This is because one can simply “get on the phone” and/or meet “in-person” with contractors, permitting and tax officials, architectural firms, business lawyers, accounting firms, salary experts, etc. However, predicting the revenues of such new businesses very often represents a major challenge. Therefore, such individuals often contact the professionals at Premier Business Experts, who are leaders when it comes to determining “Worst Case” (e.g., less than a 5% or 10% chance of falling below that number) and “Most Likely” (e.g., a 50% chance that the value will be exceeded) revenues under current economic conditions. In other words, the talented individuals at Premier Business Experts provide a very conservative projection of revenues, along with a more realistic prediction of revenues.

The feasibility study then couples the costs with these “Worst Case” and “Most Likely” revenues to assess if a project or venture makes financial/economic sense. Assuming a project, with some modifications, does make sense from a business perspective, the outstanding professionals at Premier Business Experts develop a business plan, showing the financial results that will be achieved in the “Worst Case” and “Most Likely” situations. Explained differently, the talented personnel at Premier Business Experts prepare a report outlining how the feasibility study was conducted and then provide the details for the anticipated Worst Case” and “Most Likely” ROI’s (Returns on Investment), Payback Periods, etc. Historically, such reports generate a lot of buzz and very favorable results, as evidenced by one large recreational facility (which was built) obtaining three, independent, bank loan offers, within one week of the bankers first seeing the Business Plan, prepared by the professionals at Premier Business Experts! In fact, the feedback from the bankers was that the approach used to predict the revenues was the best they had ever seen for such projects! Thus, whether you are looking to build apartments or homes or an office complex or a retail center or a bottling operation for beverages or a manufacturing facility or a GTL (Gas-to-Liquids) plant, Premier Business Experts can be of major help!

While the Business Startups page on this website has an interesting story of how the Business Plan written by Premier Business Experts allowed a manufacturer of healthy, electrolyte drinks to get funding, Premier Business Experts have helped different groups of investors wanting to build recreational centers focusing on varying sports. The story of one situation is revealed by the following:

An Example of How Premier Business Experts Performed the Work Needed by Entrepreneurs Hoping to Build a Recreational Facility

Problem: Entrepreneurs Hoping to Build a Recreational Facility with An Emphasis on Specific Sports and First Rights on Purchasing Different Tracts of Land wanted to know if such agym project made financial sense and, if it did, which of the sites was most likely to yield the best results.

Solution: Premier Business Experts obtained a list of what appeared to be “similar facilities” to the one that the entrepreneurs envisioned. This list consisted of 286 establishments across the United States that had been in operation for more than two-years. Each, of these 286 establishments, was individually examined and those that did not appear to represent an “apples to apple” comparison (e.g., those owned by religious organizations, colleges, public and private schools, Native-American reservations, etc.) were eliminated from consideration. This reduced the number of “similar enterprises” to thirty-eight. The sales, sizes (e.g., exact square-footages), number-of-employees, etc., for these existing, thirty-eight businesses, were then acquired. The next step was to purchase a database having the values for 200+ variables for each of the thirty-eight trade areas and the multiple trade areas for the proposed business. These demographic and psychographic (lifestyle) variables were then individually examined to see which had an impact on the sales of the thirty-eight “similar businesses” and the insights they yielded (e.g., impact of retired, grandparents, etc.) upon sales were provided to the entrepreneurs. As for the specific insights provided to the client, while confidential, they included factors that influenced the design of the building, operating hours, target markets, etc. Then, using a stepwise regression approach, a statistically robust (i.e., lacking multicollinearity problems, having the proper selection of and number of variables, etc.), predictive model was built showing the variables having significant impacts upon the sales of the 38 existing entities. Once the model was built it was run for the locations that the entrepreneurs were considering and the “Worst Case” (i.e., less than a 5% chance of falling below it) and “Most Likely” (i.e., 50% chance of being above it) revenues were tied to the costs for each of the locations, with one site being the clear winner in terms of its profit potential. Thus, the entrepreneurs moved forward with this site and are now managing a highly successful business!

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