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improving-customer-satisfaction-top-service-firms-Houston-Texas-how-to-improve-customer-satisfaction-going-the-extra-mile-clients-clientele-customers-customer-retentionMany times clients of Premier Business Experts have had Special Requests, and the professionals at Premier Business Experts have done their best to serve those needs. This has ranged from helping the offspring of business executives study for chemistry, physics, advanced mathematics, management science, ACT and SAT tests to interviewing potential employees on behalf of clients to helping a university professor with his dissertation duties to designing and distributing promotional materials (e.g., refrigerator magnets, fliers, and door hangers) to working at trade shows to handling purchasing activities to restructuring companies to managing distribution activities to running errands! Similarly, it has involved making presentations to potential investors in clients’ businesses, providing business introductions, entertaining foreign dignitaries, passing out samples of new products on busy city street corners, surveying individuals at retail establishment and working the phones while call center personnel were being trained. This said the professionals at Premier Business Experts strive to go the extra mile to make their clients’ lives less painful and more rewarding!

How Informational Meetings that were Setup and Promoted by Premier Business Experts Led to Millions of Dollars in Revenues

Immigrant visa formProblem: An attorney wanted to capitalize on changes in the law that made it easier for those fleeing countries with political unrest to obtain United States citizenship.

Solution: The professionals at Premier Business Experts arranged for free informational meetings to be held at various churches, civic centers, etc., and for the announcement of those meetings in non-English-media (i.e., Spanish-language radio, television and newspapers advertisements), as well as for the placement of “door hangers” at predominantly immigrant housing complexes. Additionally, those at Premier Business Experts helped to prepare PowerPoint slides and packages of information in nice binders, which were given out at the informational meetings. The results of such efforts were that thousands of new clients were added at a price tag in the thousands of dollars each!

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