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Global CommunicationThe professionals at Premier Business Experts have handled many international situations. These have ranged from working with countries on all continents except Antarctica, in terms of the oil and gas, durable goods, food and beverage, distribution, financial and fashion industries. With staff members, who are multilingual, as well as ready access to translators fluent in all major languages, those at Premier Business Experts have conducted feasibility studies for installations with a price tag in the hundreds of millions of dollars!

Since currency fluctuations can greatly affect profitability and since there have been many casualties in this battlefield, possible shifts in exchange rates are typically handled in an a priori (i.e., beforehand) fashion. This said the stories in which those at Premier Business Experts have dealt with sticky international situations abound. Some of those situations have involved accepting commodities, rather than hard currency, as part of the payment, and having to find a company that would negotiate a purchase order for those items. One particularly interesting situation involved the shipping of water distillation equipment to United States’ petroleum workers in countries that frown upon the manufacturing of distilled spirits and that had the officials of their governments seizing and destroying boxes with words like “Distillation” on them. In this latter situation, a simple repackaging of the distillation equipment into boxes without the offensive terms did the trick.

The professionals at Premier Business Experts have even prepared reports for American-based engineering firms, building petrochemical facilities in emerging countries, which opened doors and solidified relationships with foreign governments as evidenced by the story on the “Useful Business Reports” page on this website. You, the reader, will likely find that story very interesting. Meanwhile, another story that you might enjoy, especially if you have a love for American businesses, is below.

Interesting Case of How Team at Premier Business Experts Handled Trade Restrictions

dealing with foreign governments, negotiating with foreigners, marketing to, Asians, Africans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian, African, Hispanic, American, agricultural marketingProblem: A leading CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) company had restrictions put on its products in terms of the amounts of meat they could contain, by a foreign government trying to protect the meat producers in its own country. Thus, TV dinner type of products could only contain half of the meat as what they have in the United States market, with the difference made up by increases in the starch and vegetable components. Yet, like in the United States, consumers in that country expected a “fair serving” of the meat, so sales began to languish.

Solution: The professionals at Premier Business Experts helped the CPG entity, by informing the members of the U.S. Congress, serving the state where the products for export were made, about the problem. Some calls made by members of Congress to the foreign country’s government, in which they indicated that if the policy was not rescinded they would work their hardest to put restrictions on the durable goods being made by that country and imported into the United States, solved the problem. The CPG manufacturer was able to resume production of the same high-quality products enjoyed by Americans and the sales of the CPG products not only rebounded, but exceeded their original levels as those working at the foreign country’s manufacturing facilities were informed that if people in their country did not buy the American made food products, their jobs might be in jeopardy!

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