Premier Business Experts Prepare Useful Business Reports that Provide Tremendous Insights!

Presenting projectThe professionals at Premier Business Experts (due to their academic training and business experiences) have prepared many business reports on behalf of their clients. Some of these business reports have had forecasted prices for petroleum products in foreign countries. Others have provided mathematical models that retailers can use to predict their sales for any new location in the United States! Still others have given statistically robust algorithms for supply-chain and inventory-control activities that assist businesses with their ordering and shipping decisions! Moreover, some of the documents prepared by those at Premier Business Experts have helped clients to (1) better assimilate ethnic-minorities into their workforces and (2) handle their sales-forecasting, price-setting, software-training and/or advertising-allocation needs, as revealed by other pages on this website. Often times these detailed business reports accompany software and/or training programs that those at Premier Business Experts specifically prepared on behalf of specific companies. However, reports dealing with, for example, patterns of ethnic-minority assimilation across the United States have historically been sold at a flat-rate price of $100.

As mentioned on the “International Projects” page of this website, the professionals at Premier Business Experts prepared a very beneficial report that tremendously helped an American engineering firm ingratiate itself to an emerging country’s government, and build its credibility with that foreign government when, more than five years out, the projections proved to be highly accurate. This story is presented below.

How Those at Premier Business Experts Helped an Engineering Firm Provide Information Desired by an Emerging Country’s Governmentpetroleum price forecasts, expected oil prices, forecasting sales, houston, tx, forecasting oil prices, forecasting prices, oil supplies, alternative energy research

Problem: An American engineering firm hoping to build energy-related facilities in an emerging, foreign country had to deal with that nation’s government wanting the projected prices that would be obtained for various petroleum products, with its focus being upon a market basket consisting of 60% diesel, 25% jet fuel and 15% naphtha.

Solution: The professionals at Premier Business Experts obtained the historical prices for the products of concern and prepared a “double exponentially smoothed,” forecasting model with multipliers showing the anticipated prices for the individual products of concern and for the market basket that was of particular concern. Because of the initial work and the subsequent high levels of accuracy (i.e. more than five years out, the models had less than a 5% error as evidenced by the prices they yielded missing the mark by only 4.6% for the sixth year as a whole), the engineering firm was able to establish better relationships with that foreign government and obtain an edge in terms of the work being done there. In short, this was due to the efforts of the dedicated professionals at Premier Business Experts!

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