Premier Business Experts’ Executive Consulting & Coaching Division Uses Proprietary Customer  Satisfaction, Diversity, and Innovation Assessment Tools to Give Clients Timely  Competitive Advantages!

Save Time and Money, Rapid Results, Business research, business resultsThe professionals at Premier Business Experts can provide Executive Level Consulting to a variety of companies. The purpose of these analyses is to find areas where corporations can RAPIDLY become more efficient and effective. Because those at Premier Business Experts held responsible positions in industry, academia and the government, they were able to develop propriety tools for evaluating corporate performances. Many of these tools deal with diversity and product innovation from both buying and selling perspectives. Thus, by using legally protected proprietary tools, the staffs at Premier Business Experts provide their clients with an edge over their competitors that can help them to both raise earnings and lower expenses.
Premier Business Experts’ Customizations of Well  Established Techniques Provide Clients with Increased Revenues and Reduced Costs!


In addition to its proprietary tools, the professionals at Premier Business Experts regularly use a complete spectrum of “A to Z” tools for analyzing businesses’ “hot-button concerns” and suggesting ways whereby they can become better. While a detailed list of all the areas in which Premier Business Experts can help clients would quite literally fill many books, a partial listing, with one bullet point for each letter from “A to Z,” is as follows:

  • Advertising, Analyses, Attention, Attitudes, Attributes
  • Branding, Break-even-analyses, Business-plans
  • Channels, Communication, Competition, Cultural-issues
  • Databases, Decisions, Demand, Differentiation, Distribution
  • Effectiveness, Efficiency, Evaluation, External-environment
  • Facilitating, Flow, Focus, Forecasts, Frequency-decisions
  • Geoclustering, Globalization, Growth-opportunities
  • Harvesting, Heightening-attention, Horizontal-marketing
  • Idea-generation, Image-issues, Inventory, Internationalizations
  • Joint-ventures, Judgment-sampling, Just-in-time-processes
  • Key-buyer-influencers, kiosk-marketing, knowledge-bases
  • Labeling, Lead-generation, Line-extensions, Logistics
  • Management-decisions, Market-development, Market-mixes
  • Needs-analyses, New-product -development, Niche-markets
  • Opportunities-determination, Optimization, Organization
  • Packaging, Planning, Positioning, Pricing, Product-mixes
  • Qualifying-prospects, Quality-control, Questionnaires
  • Reach, Relationships, Reliability, Research, Retailing, Risks
  • Sales-forces, Services, Site-selections, Strategies, Systems
  • Targeting, Tasks, Teams, Territories, Threats, Timing, Trends
  • Unique-selling-propositions, User-positioning, Utility-functions
  • Value-augmentations, Value-delivery-networks, Variability
  • Wants, Win-back-client-strategies, Word-of-mouth-scores
  • X-11 forecast (i.e., 0 to 2 year Census predictions) data tools
  • Yellow-page-advertising, Yields, Youth-goods, YUPPIES
  • Zones-for-retail-stores, Zone-pricing-for-distributors

Because Premier Business Experts, since its inception, developed extremely strong working relationships with many highly-qualified professionals, who enjoy unique and challenging tasks, Premier Business Experts can take on the projects of much “larger consulting houses,” but at a lower cost. This is especially the case since the professionals at Premier Business Experts use many of the same tools as the “name brand consulting companies.” However, because of extremely low overhead and less bureaucracy, Premier Business Experts can perform the highest-quality work at lower costs. Moreover, Premier Business Experts’ efficiencies also mean that it can readily perform projects for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as “mom and pop” startups.

An Example of Premier Business Experts’ Executive Consulting and How It Helped a Client Save Money

Machine shop of metallurgical worksProblem: An industrial manufacturer of machined, metal parts for the oil industry would often ship partial orders. In other words, it would immediately ship the parts that it had in stock, while shipping the parts that it “had to make” at a later date. However, its computer software could not automatically track such backorder concerns and it did not deplete raw materials as they were used.

Solution: Premier Business Experts researched software for manufacturers. In so doing Premier Business Experts found a “canned software” that (1) listed backorder items on a shipment, (2) depleted raw materials as they were used, and (3) closed out an order when the final F.O.B. shipment left the facility. The new software was able to read in the manufacturer’s old files, which was a major concern, and it was able to do everything that was needed. Plus, the new software was less expensive than what an update for the old software would have cost and the latest update of the old software would still not have done what was necessary. While it would have been possible to build a system from scratch that would have also performed the needed tasks, the canned software more than handled what was needed. Thus, Premier Business Experts recommended that the industrial manufacturer buy the “canned software,” rather than (1) developing a makeshift solution, (2) updating its current software, or (3) paying programmers to build a system from scratch. This recommendation provided a very low cost solution to this company’s problems. Moreover, the solution was highly cost effective since it reduced the need to have full-time employees manually handling clients’ accounts using paper files. In fact, the new software performed the required tasks at less than one-quarter the cost of this manufacturer’s paper system and reduced the number of errors from an average of two per day to under one per month!

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