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The word "premiere" (with an "e" at the end) refers to a "debut" or a "first showing" while the word "premier" (without an "e" at the end) means "best" or "foremost." WE STRIVE TO BE THE BEST AND OUR PROFESSIONALS ARE CONSTANTLY DEBUTING BETTER SOLUTIONS TO OUR CLIENTS' CONCERNS. Thus, regardless of whether you view us as PREMIER BUSINESS EXPERTS or Premiere Business Experts we will work our hardest to BOOST YOUR REVENUES AND/OR LOWER YOUR COSTS!

Premier Business Experts

Came together when Dr. A. Bruce Clark, accepted the challenge of leading a team of professionals dedicated to YOUR success! As for Dr. Clark’s many accomplishments they include his: (1) earning three technical and three business degrees (i.e., from Texas A&M University, The Ohio State University, Saint Louis University and the University of Houston), (2) serving in senior management positions at several FORTUNE 500 companies, (3) rising to the level of a “Full Professor," (4) authoring hundreds of scholarly articles and books, and (5) making many media appearances.

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Help Raise YOUR Profits!

Premier Business Experts can help with advanced-analytics, advertising, business-plans, corporate-relations, forecasting, marketing-research, publicity, quality, statistical-systems-development, training, etc. During the last two-years, those at Premier Business Experts developed training programs for a major, international, oil company, turned-around the declining profits of a specialty retailer with annual sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars, conducted a feasibility study and wrote the business plan for a multimillion-dollar, soon-to-be-built sports facility and conducted the research leading to a recently-opened, highly-successful, ethnic restaurant!

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Our Specialties Include:

Helping YOU with the following: (1) Advertising Allocation Optimization, (2) Benefit & Compensation Modeling, (3) Business Startups, (4) Client Promotions, Public Relations (PR), Public Affairs, Publicity & Investor Relations, (5) Executive Consulting & Coaching, (6) Feasibility Studies & Business Plans, (7) International Projects, (8) Market Structure Studies, (9) Marketing Research, (10) Potential New Site Evaluations, (11) Productivity Metrics & Quality Control Programs, (12) Revenue & Cost Projections, (13) Statistical Services, (14) Technical Writing, (15) Training & Tutoring

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With teams focused on YOUR NEEDS, Premier Business Experts are highly dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS!

Regardless of whether you are an individual looking to launch a new business, or you work for an international company, Houston-based Premier Business Experts can REDUCE YOUR RISKS OF PAIN and ENHANCE YOUR CHANCES OF GAIN, in today's highly-competitive, cut-throat, shark-infested, business world!