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the business, experts, marketing research, financial research, accounting research, economic research, houston, texas, managment consulting, largest management consulting firms, best companies, profitsPremier Business Experts was founded by Dr. A. Bruce Clark, Ph.D. at the request of his wife, Mrs. Ana Alicia Maradiaga-Clark, MBA, and it meets the qualifications for being both a female-owned and a minority-owned (i.e., Hispanic) business. The reason is that Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark has a 51% stake in the firm, while Dr. Clark maintains a 49% share. Together, Dr. Clark and his wife serve as Co-CEOs and Co-Presidents of Premier Business Experts and rely upon the services of more than fifty dedicated individuals! Because many know Dr. Clark as “ABC PhD” due to his initials and credentials and because he owns the “ABCPhD.com” web site, if you remember “ABCPhD.com” you will be able to find a link there, which will direct you to this site!


Mrs. Ana Alicia Maradiaga-Clark’s formal education consists of BBA in Management and MBA in Finance degrees. Both of her degrees were earned at the top public university in Honduras, and they are equivalent to those earned at regionally accredited U.S. programs, as validated by SpanTran Educational Services. While at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras, she prepared and defended a 317-page thesis examining different approaches to handling business issues in Central America. Besides her BBA and MBA degrees Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark completed the English Language Training Program at The American School in Honduras, as well as obtained her Financial Analysis & Budgeting License and her Teaching License. She did this by taking the required courses and passing the necessary exams at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras and Escuela Normal de Señoritas España.

While a student in Honduras, Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark taught math, science, social studies, finance, statistics and management classes and served as the library assistant for the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras. In this latter job, Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark (1) reviewed publisher lists of recently released books and made recommendations on those to buy, (2) catalogued and daily entered about 30 newly purchased and 20 donated items into inventory systems and (3) tracked loaned materials and prepared lists of students whose library privileges should be suspended.

In her first corporate position Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark held the position of Assistant Treasurer at Textiles Rio Lindo, a leading, Honduran, high-quality, woven-fabric company, which had annual sales in U.S. dollars of nearly $10 million. During her six years at Textiles Rio Lindo, Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark (1) negotiated banking interest rates, fees and commissions, which resulted in a 5% savings to the company, (2) prepared export documents and obtained credit lines with American and European financial institutions, (3) supervised collection efforts of four employees and maintained Accounts Receivable Systems, (4) managed Accounts Payable Systems and renegotiated terms, which reduced costs to the company by 10%, (5) led a team that created annual financial forecasts and obtained the best possible prices on Just-in-Time deliveries of supplies, (6) forecasted Returns on Assets (ROA), Equity (ROE), Investment (ROI) and Sales (ROS) by month, (7)  monitored cash flows and foreign currency rates, which improved the annual profits by more than $250,000, (8) handled monthly payments for, and claims against, Life, Medical, Automotive and Plant insurance, (9) approved every bill paid by the company and kept detailed records of all monies received and spent, and (10) initiated a follow-up tracking system for delinquent accounts, which increased corporate profits by 4%.

Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark then joined the Honduran Government Family Aid Department, where she served as a Budget Manager handling $20 million (i.e., in U.S. dollars) annually. In this job, she (1) developed financial programs to control the expenses of and investments in social projects aiding the poor, (2) supervised the execution of regulatory policies to assure fiscal compliance with governmental mandates, (3) monitored contractor activities to ensure they were meeting their obligations with limited cost overruns, (4) prepared monthly reports comparing actual and planned expenditures, which reduced costs by 15%, (5) created short and long-term, financial forecasts, in accordance with applicable governmental policies, and (6) wrote the Annual Operating Plans, which she presented to senior management in formal meetings.

In terms of Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark’s work history in the United States, it has included (1) teaching Spanish at educational institutions in Houston where she planned, developed and delivered Spanish-language courses to English-speaking students. (2) conducting In-Depth Interviews at Boone De Leon Communications-Roheisen, where she interviewed more than 3,000 individuals to determine the outcome success of M. D. Anderson cancer efforts, and the needs of those taking part in the medical and nutritional education programs offered in the Texas Medical Center, (3) serving as a Tax Preparer and Tax Manager at multiple tax-preparation firms, and (4) working in the Sales Department of a leading retailer with increasing responsibilities. In each of these jobs, Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark set new records in term of raising profits and lowering costs. Thus, Mrs. Maradiaga-Clark has a solid background as a Co-Leader of Premier Business Experts.


Dr. A. Bruce Clark (the author of the highly acclaimed e-book at ABCPhD.com, who is affectionately known as ABCPhD due to his initials and credentials) has a tremendous background.  Dr. Clark, who was accepted into the honors program at The Ohio State University from New Jersey, has three technical and three business degrees from The Ohio State University, Texas A&M University, University of Houston and Saint Louis University. More specifically, he holds BS Agriculture, BS Biochemistry, MS Nutrition (thesis option, with research sponsored by Eli Lilly), MBA, MA Economics and Ph.D. Business Administration degrees.

For a period, Dr. Clark served as the only Ph.D. on the largest (i.e., 200-person, Kraft General Foods) account of the world’s largest marketing research firm (A. C. Nielsen) and then as the top analytic person (i.e., Senior Statistician) at R. R. Donnelley’s Metromail, where he also performed work on behalf of Kraft General Foods. During those years he built (1) advertising-allocation and sales-forecasting systems, (2) credit-scoring models for leading financial institutions, (3) performed analyses leading to a commercially available, cluster product (i.e., the Fair Isaac ATP clusters that compete against the CACI ACORN and Nielsen PRIZM Clusters) and (4) handled the direct mail programs for major automobile companies.

Along with top-notch corporate experience at blue-chip companies like A. C. Nielsen, American Airlines, Anheuser Busch, Battelle Memorial Institute, Con Agra, Pet (now part of General Mills), R. R. Donnelley’s Metromail, and Reader’s Digest, the summa cum laude (i.e., 3.923 GPA for Ph.D. in Business Administration) alumnus of the Graduate Business School with the highest-ranked, part-time, MBA program in Missouri and fourteenth best in the USA (i.e., according to 2010 U. S. News & World Report Rankings, which can be found at www.premierebusinessexperts.com/Graduate Business School Rankings), served as a full-time academician. During his years as an academician, Dr. Clark received many honors, including the “Most Excellent Mentor,” ”Faculty Sponsorship of Small Businesses,” “American Marketing Association Club Leadership,” and “Betterment of Students” Awards. He was also inducted into The Jefferson Club’s (a group consisting of “self-made millionaires”) “Speakers Hall of Fame” and had the honor of writing corporate histories for Historic Houston, a 208-page, coffee-table book that President George H. W. Bush also helped author. Along with his holding the titles of (1) “Professor of Business & Statistics” and (2) “Professor of Marketing & Economics,”  Dr. Clark obtained more than forty, peer-reviewed publications, was quoted in FORTUNE magazine and featured in the Business Section of the Houston Chronicle.

As a senior consultant to many companies, Dr. Clark (1) increased the annual sales of leading distributors, grocers, restaurants, retailers, and wholesalers by double-digit percentages, (2) reduced errors on oil-field-equipment orders from two-per-day to one-per-month, (3) predicted with six-sigma confidence the following year’s outputs for vital employees and (4) handled the feasibility studies and business plans for startups, as well as for projects in the tens of millions and hundreds of millions of dollars. Two of the larger projects included the medical-doctor-built Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands, Texas and a Gas-to-Liquids plant for a developing-country, with the latter work done on behalf of an engineering firm.

Dr. Clark has created sales forecasting systems for the airline, credit, distribution, food & beverage, insurance, petroleum, wholesale, recreational, retail, and other industries, and has even built twenty-year-petroleum-product-price-forecasting algorithms and software for energy projects. He has also (1) handled public relations campaigns for as many as a dozen companies in under two-years, with an average increase in sales of 8%, (2) performed the site selection studies for local and international restaurant companies’ expansion efforts, (3) executed a study that led to both a 20% reduction in annual, sales-force costs and a 28% increase in yearly, sales revenues for a fuel-control-card company and (4) helped design training programs for international, oil-drilling projects. Hence, Dr. A. Bruce Clark, Ph.D. has the extremely strong background needed to be a Co-Leader of Premier Business Experts.


With a mission of providing value-added services to companies of all sizes and with a team of experts having solid educations and experiences, who are dedicated to your success, the professionals at Premier Business Experts desire to improve your profits, by reducing your costs and/or improving your revenues, as they have done for others. Premier Business Experts can do this with advanced analytics, advertising, business plans, corporate relations, forecasting, marketing research, publicity, quality assurance programs, statistical systems development and training, among their many services. In short, the extremely talented individuals at Premier Business Experts are leaders when it comes to (1) helping companies turn around declining market shares and sales in any of their core businesses, (2) providing direction for startups, (3) enhancing future business successes and (4) doing what it takes to get positive results on behalf of clients. Regardless of a firm’s size or industry, all types of business entities and leaders can benefit from favorable feature articles published in credible outlets! Some of the other ways in which Premier Business Experts can help companies are shown on this website.

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