Turnkey Client Promotions including Newsletters that Enhance Image!

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Because open lines of communication are needed for a company to thrive, regardless of whether it is a B2B (Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Consumer) entity, the teams at Premier Business Experts prepare newsletters for their clients’ customers and employees. These B2B and/or B2C newsletters help to reduce companies’ attrition rates and provide a mechanism whereby excellent business suggestions can be solicited and recognized. The results for such newsletter programs have been enhanced revenues and lower costs to Premier Business Experts’ clienteles.

Since some of the team members at Premier Business Experts have authored more than 100 scholarly articles (many in leading academic journals), served on editorial boards of refereed journals and been quoted in leading sources (e.g., FORTUNE Magazine, syndicated radio shows and on network television), the professionals at Premier Business Experts offer a turnkey effort for their clients. In other words, Premier Business Experts can design, author, print and mail newsletters, such as that shown, on behalf of clients.

 Creative Postal Mail & E-mail Pieces that Boost Sales!houston PR firm, houston publicity firm, getting your name out there

While the professionals at Premier Business Experts often perform ongoing newsletter efforts for their clients, they also help B2B and B2C companies solicit business with creative direct mail pieces that are sent via postal mail or E-mail. Highly creative direct mail pieces with die-cuts, scratch-and-wins, and actual credit cards built right into the promotional pieces themselves, have produced outstanding profits for Premier Business Experts’ clients. In the effort shown here, the silver birthday present was formed from a die cut (i.e., a peep hole) revealing a silver scratch off on the inside of the card.

Award-winning Promotional Materials in Different Languages that Elevate Earnings!

houston marketing research firms, houston marketing research agencies, houston marketing research companiesDue to programs such as the above, the creative staffs of Premier Business Experts were recognized as the best by Houston’s leading business magazine (i.e., according to Audit Bureau of Circulation figures), as well as by E. W. Forbes Publishing. Likewise, the professionals at Premier Business Experts are known for their work to non-English speaking individuals and have mailed almost as many Spanish language pieces as they have English language pieces. These materials (including the one shown) have helped many businesses develop new B2B and/or B2C clienteles.

Newspaper, Radio, and Television Ads, Press Releases and Other Promotional Programs to Build Clients’ Businesses!Media Relations, Radio Advertising


Besides direct mail and E-mail efforts, those at Premier Business Experts have written and produced radio, television and newspaper advertisements, as well as prepared and distributed press releases. These press release efforts led to FAVORABLE FEATURE ARTICLES, which sales representatives found to be very valuable in closing deals.    

The highly creative individuals at Premier Business Experts also design and produce promotional materials like business cards, phone messages for those put “on hold,” refrigerator magnets, trophies and even web sites, besides serving as “ghost writers” for speeches and books and as the technical writers of manuals, proposals, and reports. Moreover, Premier Business Experts can help companies with their business-aid needs regardless of whether they are for “leave behinds” like pens, day timers and key chains, or apparel like caps and shirts.

In short, Premier Business Experts can help solve a company’s promotional needs, whether they are small or large. When companies hire Premier Business Experts they:

  • Receive a high level of expertise to handle their specific promotional requirements.

  • Get products and services designed to enhance their bottom-line profits.

  • Save money by not having to hire more personnel for their promotional efforts.

An Example of Premier Business Experts’ Creative Promotional Efforts and the Increases in Revenue Yielded

Buying GasProblem: A major Fuel Control Card Company had avoided going into one of this nation’s ten largest cities, due to that city being the headquarters location for a major competitor.

Solution: Premier Business Experts designed a highly creative mail piece with die cut features. It had an explanation of the types of fraud that often take place when one has a fleet of vehicles on the road and the drivers are not using fuel control cards. Basically, the fuel control cards are inserted into a gas or diesel pump and they only allow a driver to pump certain grades and certain amounts of fuel. The miles per gallon, times of fill-up and the like are recorded. This prevents drivers from (1) filling personal gas cans, which they take home, (2) spending hours goofing off, and (3) buying unauthorized grades of fuel. It also prevents unscrupulous clerks from talking drivers into buying items like beer, cigarettes, sandwiches, pornography and lottery tickets, and providing receipts that show only fuel with a total price. Moreover, since each driver has a card, an individual’s card can be instantly deactivated if an employee is terminated, which prevents the terminated employee from submitting fraudulent expense reports.

Premier Business Experts obtained a list of corporations that had fleets of vehicles in the target city and called the top official for each of the companies. This was followed up with the sending of a mailer containing a card, which allowed the executive to get ten gallons of free fuel. By using the card, the executive could see how the card worked. When a card was sent a phone call was made saying that it was on its way and a couple of weeks after arrival a follow-up call was placed. The result was that, within three-months of entering the city, Premier Business Experts’ client had captured 8% of the total fuel control card market for that city!

Public Relations (PR), Public Affairs, Publicity and Investor Relations Programs that Raise Market Shares and Improve Profits!

Public RelationsThe professionals at Premier Business Experts have helped companies needing (1) an ongoing management of the flow of information to its publics for the purposes of developing and fostering a brand, generating a favorable corporate image and/or grabbing the public’s attention in ways that will build market shares and profits (i.e., Public Relations/PR Efforts), (2) short-lived (often-grassroots-campaign) communication efforts, focused on the localized concerns of a community, legislative body and/or regulatory agency (i.e., Public Affairs Endeavors), (3) activities that attract the attention and support of the media (i.e., Publicity Events) and (4) programs to inform and/or educate shareholders (i.e., Investor Relations Plans) about SWOT (i.e., Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) issues. Thus, those at Premier Business Experts can help you regardless of whether you have Public Relations (PR), Public Affairs, Publicity and/or Investor Relations concerns! Likewise, the leaders at Premier Business Experts can even perform SWOT analyses on your behalf. In fact, some of the professionals at Premier Business Experts have handled such Public Relations (PR), Public Affairs, Publicity, Investor Relations and/or SWOT efforts for more than a dozen B2B and/or B2C clients during a two-year period with double-digit-percentage (and greater) increases in market shares and profits for those clients!

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